A Foul Weather Blogger?

Hello Friends! As the temperatures start to dip (which reminds me to go out and cover the citrus and fig trees, the jasmine and bougainvillea as the low tonight is in the upper 30sF), the skies get grayer and the foliage gets more and more colorful I feel the urge to blog again. Perhaps I’m […]

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Trying Something New.

Dear Readers- I’m such a bad blogger. I suspect its not just because it is summer and there are more pressing things to do than write blog posts. Its because there’s something about this medium feels more like a drag/effort (which it absolutely should not be, talking about ones own garden should always be fun!) […]

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Unexpected Bonuses.

Its been a fun process watching this Spring Bloom unfold in its naturally unnatural way. The tulips have finally faded, though there are a few hold out daffodils. The rest of the garden is moving forward flush with Irises, Salvia, Lupines, Heuchera, Geraniums, and Baptisia. The Wiegela are now blooming as the Lilacs have finally […]

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Of Walls and Exasperation.

Retaining walls suck. I mean, yes, they serve a purpose and all, yadda, yadda,yadda. But they are ugly and fail with an unreasonable frequency and are HELLA expensive. Ugly things that fail shouldn’t be expensive. Amirite? Our ugly and failing retaining wall has been pushed to the front burner since a rogue neighbor dog (dogs?) […]

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A Traffic Jam of Blooms.

The weather here has been oscillating between a cooler-than-normal Spring and full on Summer. As one can imagine, its causing a bit of a jumbled response in the garden. The current actors (flowers) sharing the stage together are as follows: Lilac Iris Anemone Tulips Daffodils Ajuga Crabapple Apple Geum Lupine Coral Bells (Heuchera) Wiegelia Geranium […]

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We’ve been away and have just returned- hence the blog silence. We were privileged to be invited to attend the United States Naval Academy graduation for one of Rich’s former cadets. It was a beautiful week in Gettysburg, PA and Annapolis, MD. Lovely warm sunshine, everything was so green and flowering! Gettysburg was surprisingly wild […]

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Ahead of the Curve.

Have you heard? Stachys ‘Hummelo’ is this year’s Perennial of the Year. Who knew? (And who votes on these things? – Apparently its the Perennial Plant Association!?) I’m feeling quite pleased with myself as 2 years ago at an end-of-season sale I snagged two overgrown but sad plants for something like $4.00 total and brought […]

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Sandy Soil

I know a post all about sandy soil isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but I was listening to an episode of Garden Question Time where an audience member was lamenting moving somewhere with sandy soil. The panel recommended augmenting the soil with plenty of organic matter and adding raised beds for veggies. I certainly […]

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It’s been A WEEK.

Y’all. Its been such a week. First I had to tell my most amazing co-workers ever that I accepted a job at a different hospital (still in the same area). It is a move that makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons and for a lot of people, but it was a […]

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The Grass is Always Greener.

Amirite? I’ve been re-watching last year’s Gardener’s World episodes on BritBox and they often show garden features in the early episodes. As always there’s only so much Monty can do in his garden and its low season for many of the larger, famous gardens. So they use footage from previous shoots and show you an […]

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I’m loathe to sound like I’m bragging, but we didn’t get a scant whiff of that snow they were predicting. Not even rain! My parents down near Milwaukee got a few inches, but we got off with just a blustery and damp day. In the garden things are really ramping up despite the occasional light […]

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Two Steps Forward…

We absolutely ought to know better this time of year. But things are progressing so well and I finally got everything cleaned up and ready for the season. Its been warm and mostly sunny with some spots of rain… all in all very Spring-like. I’ve tidied up around the irises. I find that winter has […]

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My goodness I wish I had something fun or exciting to post. Instead we are just waiting around for the snow to melt. Again. It should be gone by mid-week as temps are slated to move into the 60F range and rain is in the forecast. One can only hope. Instead I’ve reseeded a few […]

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Wesley, Part II

This was Tuesday afternoon. This is Wednesday evening (6pm). This (Thursday) morning. Yoinks.   At least its kind of pretty? The winds are howling and the snow drifts are building. The winds are oddly coming out of the East (rare for us) so most of those drifts are in our driveway’s favor this time around.  […]

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WINTER Storm Wesley to be precise. Just when I started talking like it was Spring… Mother Nature decided she needed to put me in my place. But, but… the daffs and tulips are just starting to come up. The chives and rhubarb too! Why must we cover them back up again?!?!? This last round will […]

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Rain and Other Things

We spent this weekend helping our son and his family move into their new house and do a bit of painting. I got to scope out their new garden and yard (grapevines and a nice veg plot in the back, unruly junipers out front)- its a beautiful home and it was a stellar weekend despite […]

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If I remember correctly, last year gave us an unseasonably warm March followed by a chilly April. This year I’m hoping for the opposite. There are still traces of snow to be found in the yard and in the woods. There is still soggy ground and frozen ground and a few assorted banks of snow. […]

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‘Miss Kim’ is Mad at Me.

And I’m mad at the rabbits. You see, the snow got so deep that the bunnies were sitting at about the 2 foot mark, noshing away on bark for pretty much all of Feburary. This left a horrendous mess of gnawed up wood and stripped bark right through the middle of our ‘Miss Kim’ dwarf […]

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The Thawing.

We’ve still got snow. And ice. And slush. And a whole boatload of water that alternately freezes at night and runs like small streams downward towards the road during the day. Today we topped out at 60F! It has been so long since we’ve felt that warm outside. The dog is thrilled to bits and […]

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