Spring, Skipped.

Well, its been hovering around 80F for the past week and next week (my much anticipated week off to work in the garden) should be more of the same, with some days reaching 90F. To say that is above average temps is a slight understatement. So we skipped right past Spring and launched headlong into... Continue Reading →

Blooms, Finally!

Anemone 'Honerine Jobert' is happily romping through the garden and I'm always so glad to see it. What happy faces it has! Tulip, 'Double Maureen' planted last year from Brent & Becky's Bulbs all came up and are stunners. Even more exciting, Fritilaria persica, decided it wanted to come up too and I am totally... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Beth Chatto.

I had actually started this post a number of weeks ago, planning to bank it for a future date when topics were low but a blog post full of beautiful pictures would fill the void. With news of her passing, it felt right to push this post to the top of the list. .............. My... Continue Reading →

AWOL with good reason.

Oy! I went and abandoned y'all! I'm assuming you surmised that the weather finally (FINALLY!!!!) got nice enough to get out and actually garden in these parts. Which I did. Muchly. The fruit trees got planted and fenced in. The new Herb Garden site got prepped. The Veg beds got weeded and prepped. The greenhouse... Continue Reading →

Love My Garden, with DJ Kahled.

I saw this over at Garden Rant this morning and am totally delighted by it. Any time anyone with a platform uses it to talk about how awesome gardening is, I can't help but smile. I feel like the Grinch when his heart grows three sizes.   I'm certainly envious of his Miami/LA growing zone... Continue Reading →

Standing By…

I've not posted because I couldn't bear to post anything else with a photo of snow or laden with complaints about the weather. Frankly, snow and complaints are all we've had this week. So, slim pickings... We do appear to be on the brink of a real-deal, long-term warm up so that prospect is lovely.... Continue Reading →

Forging Ahead.

This is the forecast for the weekend: Ugh. Another 8-12" of snow? Y'all. I cannot with this. Yes, we live in Wisconsin. No, these Spring snows aren't abnormal. Yes, I am pouting. No, you can't tell me to Buck Up. Since Wednesday and today were reasonably nice (for this year, anyway) I decided to go... Continue Reading →

Treading Water.

Not to grouse about the weather once again, but it was 11 F overnight and there is still a reasonably thick blanket of snow over everything but the driveway. It is cold. It is windy. It is only sometimes this sunny. Its also April for sobbing out loud. Its depressing as hell y'all. In any... Continue Reading →


It looks the same as the last one, but its different. Why? Because this one has more snow. And OF COURSE I've got a shipment of a half dozen apple trees due for delivery on Friday. When the low will be 7 F (-14 C). All this snow will still be here, the ground still... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s.

Oh I'd love to tell you all this is an April Fool's joke, but alas, there are no jokes, only snow. 6 inches to be exact, with another 6 on the way by Tuesday. And to make matters worse, the overnight temp fell to 9 F, which is like, -13 C? Not even the radiator-style... Continue Reading →

Gardens on your Television.

Here's my list of awesome garden & gardening shows to search out on YouTube or whatever other perfectly legal method you have for watching non-United Sates based television. (I'm not going to provide links since there are a number of ways to find these shows and YouTube channels come and go so quickly.) I've watched... Continue Reading →

Purging the Plastics: Trays

Last week, I sorted out a whole bunch of options for starting seeds that don't involve plastic. But those soil cubes and compostable pots have to sit somewhere and, for most of us, that is a flimsy plastic tray built only to keep the water in and not much more. They certainly aren't built to... Continue Reading →

Right Plant, Right Place.

As I'm mentally getting my lists together of the plants I'll need to buy this season, minding the color schemes and heights needed, the things I ought to replace and new things I want to try, I'm always reminded by the voice in my head telling me to Mind the Gap. No, just kidding, its... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites

I'm going to use these posts to share stuff I love. It won't all be gardening, but let's be honest: most of it will be. They might not be weekly either, I don't want to drown you all in posts if I don't have something worthwhile to share... Onward!       If you can... Continue Reading →

Who do you trust?

One of the things I found most frustrating when I started gardening is that there was SO MUCH conflicting information out there regarding plants, amendments, methods... everything. I'm a scientist by trade, so I'm used to less folk-lore, less "My Pappy did it this way and it works! I swear!", less bizarre DIY methods (I'm... Continue Reading →

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