Winter Creeper.

This was going to be a post about Frost. The season’s first finally moved in on Friday night and we awoke to a mild, but pretty frost. However, Sunday morning rolled around and- much to our shock- so did the first snow of the year. It’s so far only stuck to plants and trees. But […]

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A Royal Wedding Inspiration.

The last of the garden spaces to be completed is sitting out at the south end of the garden. A narrow East-West strip of grass with a significant North-South swale along its Western edge. It is bordered by hedges on its North and South sides. It has a rickety, homemade wattle fence along its West […]

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This won’t be a long post, but I had to share: There was sunshine today! It did not rain! It was not windy! I ACTUALLY GOT TO GET OUT INTO THE GARDEN TO DO STUFF!!!! I planted all of the tulip bulbs, stuck a few items into the Nursery Bed, did a spot of bulb […]

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Tidy Up.

Oh, the Fall Clean Up. Most years I’d be the better part of done with the end-of-season tidying tasks by now. I hate leaving it all to the bitter (both literal and figurative) end- it gives me low-level anxiety and the To Do List is always buzzing through the back of my mind. As it […]

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Bulbs Ahoy!

My Brent & Becky’s order arrived late last week- exactly at the beginning of a mildly-frustrating combination of continuous rain and a weekend away. So, on the dining room table they’ve sat. A silent reminder that I’m way, way behind on my fall tasks in no small part to the blasted weather. The bulbs arrived […]

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It is 72F and rainy today. It is entirely likely that today is the extent of our Indian Summer, which if true, would be wretched. The variation in weather we’ve had has been extreme to say the least. I feel like all I do is post about the weather lately, but this far north, well, […]

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Burlap & Winterburn.

Last winter was atypical in many ways, but the irregular weather didn’t impact the garden too much. The one big difference was the scale of the winterburn on the Yews. In years past it has only ever been a light dusting of brown needles that were quickly brushed aside upon spring’s arrival. This spring, however, […]

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Fall 2018 Bulb Order

In fairness, some of these are for my Mom, but it’ll be another banner year for bulb planting here at Chez Box & Bay. Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ (Cyclamineus type) – to be scattered on the hillside and orchard Narcissus ‘Classic Garden’ (Trumpet type) – to be scattered on the hillside and orchard Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’ – […]

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The Coming Chill.

The weather is taking a significant and protracted turn for the cold and wet. And you’ll notice the overnight low on Friday is a chilly 33F. Its fair to assume the first frost will greet us Saturday morning. With all that in mind, things have kicked into high gear in the interest of safeguarding plants […]

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Autumn Rolls On.

I mean, how can anyone not love Tithonia? They are so fantastic this time of year, blooming strong, bright shocks of orange when everything else is starting to fade. I give them heart eye emojis every time I see them. Swoon! The oranges (all seven!) are coming along so nicely. They are just now starting […]

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The main weather station up in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota) has told me that, as of last night, we’ve received just shy of 5 inches of rain this month. The garden is, for the first time since spring, so very lush and deliciously green. I can’t get over how different it […]

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Sedum Cuttings.

I’ve never had a tremendous amount of luck with taking cuttings. Its certainly something I want to get better at and need to practice more. I do love that Gardener’s World reminds and teaches me how and when to take specific cuttings- its fantastically helpful for a newbie propagator like me. It also reminds me […]

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An Unintentional Break.

Apologies dear readers! Mr. Frodo has been under the weather and the Husband has started back with Graduate School so it’s been awfully hard to find and stick to a new schedule. Nevermind gardening, let alone bloging about it. The weather has been swinging back and forth between lovely slightly cool autumnal weather and back […]

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With the abnormal weather patterns this year its become hard to come to terms with where exactly we are supposed to be in the gardening calendar. However, the shortening of the days and the stiffer breezes from the North are clearly telling me Summer is on her way out. It helps that the squash are […]

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Hope Springs Eternal.

Dear Readers- would you look at this forecast!?!?! SIX! days of rain in the next 10. And potentially substantial, soaking, meaningful rainfall too! I’ll admit that my attention to the garden in the past two weeks has been limited to cutting back the flowering Indiangrass, watering a few newly transplanted items, and harvesting whatever is […]

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Well, it is official. We are officially in drought status (that’s us near Eau Claire). The impact is showing up all over the area. A Sugar Maple the next town over is in full, red, autumn color. My Monarda has gone over, as have the Echinacea- both are looking much, much worse for the wear, […]

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Holy crap you guys. It is hot and it is dry and every single living thing outside looks sad, wilty, bedraggled, and completely over it. I’m inclined to agree with the trees. But the peppers and cucumbers are loving it and I am therefore drowning in both. The melons appear no worse for the wear […]

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Bonsai Love.

This past weekend we went up to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minneapolis with family. The place is really lovely and free (though donations are appreciated) and such a great place to go with kids and get your steps in. Which we did. BUT. The best part are the bonsai trees. I’m just […]

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