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Parenthetical note here: My default setting is to start a good deal of sentences with “so”. Monty Don- who is a great writer- mentioned that this was an obnoxious writing habit on Twitter and now its all I hear when I type in S, then O at the start of a sentence. And then again when I’m hitting delete. Damnit Monty!

Anyway, Sunday we stopped at the local thrift store to drop off some clothes and household goods. We always check out the book section when we are there because, y’all, there are some gems there some days!

Someone had dropped off a nice pile of hardcover gardening books that I couldn’t pass up (see above photo). I don’t always find garden books worth the shelf-space when we hit up these stores, but when you do find them, its hard to pass them up at prices like $.98 and $2.99.

So that’s my tip to y’all- stop by your local thrift stores (or use book shops if you have them) to score great gardening books for dirt cheap!

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