It looks the same as the last one, but its different. Why? Because this one has more snow.

IMG_4739 2

And OF COURSE I’ve got a shipment of a half dozen apple trees due for delivery on Friday. When the low will be 7 F (-14 C). All this snow will still be here, the ground still frozen solid, and precisely zero prep will have gotten done. Yay Spring!?!

I suppose this means I’ll be potting them up for keeping in the basement until the weather catches up with the calendar? The heater in the greenhouse isn’t robust enough to keep up with these super low temps so that isn’t an option, the garage is too cold. So basement apples it is!

I’ve no idea when it is supposed to finally warm up, but I can assure you that when it does, there is going to be some feverish work happening around these parts!

2 thoughts on “Again.”

  1. Snow flurries here this morning, although our last snow has already melted. STRONG winds and hail yesterday. Our low will be 21, so we are “stuck” as you are. All my boxwoods look dead…..


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