Two Steps Forward…

We absolutely ought to know better this time of year.

But things are progressing so well and I finally got everything cleaned up and ready for the season. Its been warm and mostly sunny with some spots of rain… all in all very Spring-like.



I’ve tidied up around the irises. I find that winter has a way of crowding mulch and debris in and around the corms, so a good clean out is always in order.


But, just when you think things are finally going in the right direction…

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 20.31.35.png

Snow shows up in the forecast. My only hope is that by Saturday the forecast will change it back to the rain that was predicted earlier this week. Oy! Another 1-3 inches? Enough already!

2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward…”

  1. We miraculously didn’t even get rain! Everything went south of us other than the cold, damp temps. I’m glad you didn’t get too hard and I hope those daffs perk up soon!


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