Unexpected Bonuses.

Its been a fun process watching this Spring Bloom unfold in its naturally unnatural way. The tulips have finally faded, though there are a few hold out daffodils. The rest of the garden is moving forward flush with Irises, Salvia, Lupines, Heuchera, Geraniums, and Baptisia. The Wiegela are now blooming as the Lilacs have finally finished (it was a gloriously long bloom!) and- for the first time ever- the wild roses in the hedgerow have bloomed before the onslaught of Rose Chafer beetles!


Perhaps this wild and cold Spring has a silver lining after all? The scent is delicious!

Even with the Alcatraz-inspired fencing of the damaged wall, I can say this is the best the Dry Garden has ever looked. It certainly helps that the plants are all getting big enough to look cozy with one another and still have room to shine.


The ‘China Moon’ Irises are now blooming and they are always a favorite- its such a yummy mango-peachy color that positively sings from any vantage in the garden.


Lysimachia atropurpurea has made a triumphant return to the Cee Garden. After planting it in the original installation (2017), it disappeared and I counted it gone (and was very sad about it). Seedlings started popping up late last year but I was sure it was just another weed- but I left a few to overwinter just in case.


I’m so glad I did! Its such a lovely and unique plant and it adds something special to the garden. There are plenty more seedlings sprouting up and I won’t mistake them for weeds this time!


The Siberian Irises are back at it too- these are probably my favorite of the Irises with their delicate, grass-like foliage and striking, tidy deep purple blooms.

Its taken quite a while to get going this year, but we are up and running and the results (and bug-free perks) have been worth the wait!

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