Pick A Word: 2020 Edition.

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome 2020!

Everyone got all reminiscent about the passing of a decade, but not here at Chez Box and Bay- just another wintry day and another day closer to spring I’m afraid! We watched a lot of football and the Great British Bake Off Holiday special with the Derry Girls- that was a great way to spend a day off from work. No resolutions were made, but the treadmill did make its way into the living room (don’t @ me!) in the hopes of more frequent use, something Rich has been angling for ever since we got the thing back when we lived in South Dakota.

Speaking of resolutions and plans for the New Year, a friend posted on Facebook the other day about choosing a word as a touchstone for the year rather than falling into to Resolutions Trap. I loved this idea because I loathe resolutions.

Choosing a word that is a reminder of how you want to approach the year is a thoughtful way to navigate a bit of self improvement without making unrealistic and hurtful expectations of yourself. I am so here for that kind of gentle self care that still helps me do and be better!

I decided my word this year is Diligence.

My hope is that this word will keep me mindful of doing a little bit every day- be it in the garden, this blog, at home, or whatever. If I’m being honest, I can have sloth-like tendencies after the intensity of a workday, meaning the garden or other tasks take a back seat until the weekend arrives or some deadline looms causing a flurry of intense doing. It’s effective, but a bit stressful and can lead to small, easy tasks becoming huge, daunting ones. My default setting is also that jobs are to be started and finished in as compact a timeframe as possible (such a linear thinker!). But so many garden tasks just don’t fit this model very well, but being diligent about pottering and poking around the garden will do me a much better service with tasks like deadheading, tying in, staking, and weeding. At least that’s the hope!

Are you into resolutions? What are your garden-related goals for the new year?

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