Purging the Plastics: Trays

Last week, I sorted out a whole bunch of options for starting seeds that don’t involve plastic. But those soil cubes and compostable pots have to sit somewhere and, for most of us, that is a flimsy plastic tray built only to keep the water in and not much more. They certainly aren’t built to […]

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Purging the Plastics

It would seem that plastics in the garden is becoming a bit of a theme for 2018, and this I can fully get behind. Just the other day I saw this video posted on the Gardener’s World magazine Facebook page. I also saw it specifically mentioned by Joanna at her Edinburgh Garden Diary site (a […]

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Standing By…

I’ve not posted because I couldn’t bear to post anything else with a photo of snow or laden with complaints about the weather. Frankly, snow and complaints are all we’ve had this week. So, slim pickings… We do appear to be on the brink of a real-deal, long-term warm up so that prospect is lovely. […]

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