My goodness I wish I had something fun or exciting to post. Instead we are just waiting around for the snow to melt. Again. It should be gone by mid-week as temps are slated to move into the 60F range and rain is in the forecast. One can only hope. Instead I’ve reseeded a few […]

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Wesley, Part II

This was Tuesday afternoon. This is Wednesday evening (6pm). This (Thursday) morning. Yoinks.   At least its kind of pretty? The winds are howling and the snow drifts are building. The winds are oddly coming out of the East (rare for us) so most of those drifts are in our driveway’s favor this time around.  […]

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WINTER Storm Wesley to be precise. Just when I started talking like it was Spring… Mother Nature decided she needed to put me in my place. But, but… the daffs and tulips are just starting to come up. The chives and rhubarb too! Why must we cover them back up again?!?!? This last round will […]

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Rain and Other Things

We spent this weekend helping our son and his family move into their new house and do a bit of painting. I got to scope out their new garden and yard (grapevines and a nice veg plot in the back, unruly junipers out front)- its a beautiful home and it was a stellar weekend despite […]

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If I remember correctly, last year gave us an unseasonably warm March followed by a chilly April. This year I’m hoping for the opposite. There are still traces of snow to be found in the yard and in the woods. There is still soggy ground and frozen ground and a few assorted banks of snow. […]

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‘Miss Kim’ is Mad at Me.

And I’m mad at the rabbits. You see, the snow got so deep that the bunnies were sitting at about the 2 foot mark, noshing away on bark for pretty much all of Feburary. This left a horrendous mess of gnawed up wood and stripped bark right through the middle of our ‘Miss Kim’ dwarf […]

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The Thawing.

We’ve still got snow. And ice. And slush. And a whole boatload of water that alternately freezes at night and runs like small streams downward towards the road during the day. Today we topped out at 60F! It has been so long since we’ve felt that warm outside. The dog is thrilled to bits and […]

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Gardener’s World/BritBox Update

Hooray! Its official. April 5th the new season will begin airing on BritBox. I wasn’t immediately thrilled that it wasn’t airing in real-time, but if I’m being both charitable and honest, this will only be about a month off from real time and for most of the USA, that is much closer to matching our […]

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At our last Garden Club meeting we had a speaker come in to talk about hostas. He’s the president of our area’s Hosta Club- who knew there was such a thing? Hostas are big, with good reason, around here. Big trees mean big shade, and everyone knows hostas love shade. We all know they aren’t […]

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Winter Wrap Up.

‘Tis a bold thing to do: Declare winter all wrapped up when there is still a blanket of white covering everything one owns. But if you could see how quickly things are melting with our recent spate of sunny days and temps hovering near the 50F mark… it surely feels like Spring is on the […]

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Well, at least the calendar is telling me its finally spring. The scene outside my window tells another tale, one of a surly and stubborn winter that is reticent to loosen its grip. Alas! Mother Nature is giving us warm-ish temperatures (40-50F) and intermittent sunshine and both are doing their darnedest to melt the scads […]

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Thinking Chelsea.

I’m always excited/interested to see the plans and designs that are released ahead of Chelsea. Partly because its a sneak peak into the show, partly because its a great insight into the mind of the designers, and partly because its just so exciting! This year there are a few that read as “standard” show gardens. […]

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Figs Ahoy!

Rather than whinge on about the 34th snowstorm to come knocking on our door since January (sarcasm, yes, but only just a little- we did get another 6 inches over the weekend), I’d rather show you the most hopeful things in the house right now. Bebe Figs! (Please start watching Schitt’s Creek if you aren’t […]

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Fake Sunshine.

Alas, the sunshine isn’t fake. But the brightness gives the illusion of warmth, which gives the impression that things might be melting out there. Its all lies. It is hella cold and nothing is melting. I’m fully aware that I sound like a broken record. There is more snow scheduled for this weekend. It’ll push […]

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Hitting the ground running.

Obviously we are all excited for that first real trip to the nursery. The one where the perennials are all out and ready and your imaginary plans start to come to life. The one where you spend all that loot and come home with SO MUCH planting to do. That one. I love that one! […]

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Building a Shelterbelt.

Hedgerow. Windbreak. Snowbreak. Shelterbelt. Whatever you want to call it, this winter has made it readily apparent that we could do with a natural barrier that can help keep the snow from drifting into shockingly deep masses across our driveway. The winds tend to sweep in from the North and West in winter. North isn’t […]

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One For the Record Books.

There are three days left in this month. This only means that there are three more days to add to the records. Per our local news: And more to come! It looks like another round of snow again on Tuesday. You can see how much more snow this latest round dropped. There’s nary a foot […]

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