Pick A Word: 2020 Edition.

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome 2020! Everyone got all reminiscent about the passing of a decade, but not here at Chez Box and Bay- just another wintry day and another day closer to spring I'm afraid! We watched a lot of football and the Great British Bake Off Holiday special with the Derry Girls-… Continue reading Pick A Word: 2020 Edition.

Advice for New Gardeners

Any time you start a new job or meet new people, you inevitable get asked what you are interested in outside of work. So you start talking about gardening and someone asks you a question and you come back with a semi-nerdy and probably-too-thorough answer and it comes out that you are a Master Gardener.… Continue reading Advice for New Gardeners

Let’s Learn Latin!

As Cabin Fever (or whatever is worse than Cabin Fever) and another foot of snow falls heavier down upon us, it ushers in the time of year where otherwise ridiculous ideas for blog posts suddenly sound amazing. This is how a primer on Latin landed in front of you. I'm sorry! ...   ...   ...   ...… Continue reading Let’s Learn Latin!