Let’s Talk: Eggplants / Aubergines

I LOVE growing Eggplants (or Aubergines depending on what side of the pond you are on). For one, they are a unique veg and not everyone grows them, so there's the novelty factor. Second, they are super expensive everywhere (grocery stores and markets) and the varieties are super limited. Third, they are delicious and, once… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Eggplants / Aubergines

Let’s Talk: Cucumbers

The humble cucumber. Never a sexy veg, but summer certainly seems not-quite-right without them. We only ever use them fresh. I don't can or pickle them, and I've not figured out another way to preserve them through winter. With all that in mind, we usually grow 2-3 plants (that and they take up a good… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Cucumbers

Let’s Talk: Tomatoes

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving smorgasboard everyone! I, for one, am still full and have a whole tray of turkey leftovers waiting for me. Oy! The Christmas tree is up and the house is now fully Holiday-ized. The first of the seed catalogs arrived shortly before Thanksgiving (High Mowing Organics), so I figured I'd better… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Tomatoes

Let’s Talk: Veg Shopping Rules

Rules sounds so strict! But I do think it is crucial to have a few bits of information in your back pocket when you dive into either the nursery or the seed catalogs to shop for veggies. Know your growing days. I live up North, Zone 4a (much like MyBackyardGarden4b who got us started down… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Veg Shopping Rules

Let’s Talk: Veggies. A series.

Back when I asked you all about winter-time blog topics, I got a great suggestion from reader MyBackyardGarden4b. The comment was:"I’m struggling to find varieties of vegetables that are suitable for a home garden, i.e., flavourful and abundant. I’d love to hear which seeds you buy, what their results are, if you’d buy them again,… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Veggies. A series.