Burlap & Winterburn.

Last winter was atypical in many ways, but the irregular weather didn't impact the garden too much. The one big difference was the scale of the winterburn on the Yews. In years past it has only ever been a light dusting of brown needles that were quickly brushed aside upon spring's arrival. This spring, however,… Continue reading Burlap & Winterburn.

The Coming Chill.

The weather is taking a significant and protracted turn for the cold and wet. And you'll notice the overnight low on Friday is a chilly 33F. Its fair to assume the first frost will greet us Saturday morning. With all that in mind, things have kicked into high gear in the interest of safeguarding plants… Continue reading The Coming Chill.

Dry Garden Revamp: Getting Stuck In (Part 1)

This is easily the ugliest photo I've ever posted. But would you just look at how much Anise Hyssop I pulled out of just one area!!! Today was incredibly slow at work and also had the benefit of being 68C and partly cloudy. I took the day off and stayed at home to get this… Continue reading Dry Garden Revamp: Getting Stuck In (Part 1)

What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.

Oh, where to start! No sense beating around the bush, let's get into it: Anise Hyssop. It took over everything and self seeds everywhere. It makes the whole space seem higgeldy piggeldy and unkempt- even when it isn't- simply by existing in every nook and cranny available. Ohio Spiderwort. This time of year it is… Continue reading What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.

Dry Garden Do Over.

Bear withΒ  me, this one might be a bit wordy and it will most certainly wind up as a reoccurring subject. The Dry Garden was the first space (other than the Veg garden) that we planned and installed. Its 3 years old this summer and, while it is doing well (mostly), I'm not sure the… Continue reading Dry Garden Do Over.

Project progress.

The week off, despite the heat, was used as intended. To get on the proper side of the garden's to-do list. Not an easy task it turns out! We finally got the main garden properly edged. Gone are the ratty old decking boards held in place with stakes. Now a lovely line of charcoal brick.… Continue reading Project progress.

Projects, Blooms, and Slowing Down

  It is super obvious that I need to better figure out how to blog and garden at the same time. I will work on that! With the sudden onset of summer (I think?) and 70-80 F weather, my mind and sunburns keeps telling me how far behind we are in our projects. My eyes… Continue reading Projects, Blooms, and Slowing Down

Apples & Orchards.

When we moved into this place, we knew we wanted to get some apple trees in straight away. 3 years is a long time to wait for fruit and we didn't want to make the wait any longer. That was 2014, we bought three varieties at a local tree farm- McIntosh, Wealthy, Cortland and planted… Continue reading Apples & Orchards.


Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of the things I love about winter (there aren't many, it is a very short list!) is that it gives me a full 4 months for research, marinating, and general idea rumination. This is both a blessing and a curse, but at the end of the day I think… Continue reading Shed-storming.

Making Plans for 2018.

So this year was to be the year of no new projects. Which then became the year of no new *big* projects. Which is now the year of a whole bunch of random small-ish projects. Our resolve is astounding, don't you think? Anyway, here's what's on deck for the coming year: The dead space between… Continue reading Making Plans for 2018.