An Unintentional Break.

Apologies dear readers! Mr. Frodo has been under the weather and the Husband has started back with Graduate School so it’s been awfully hard to find and stick to a new schedule. Nevermind gardening, let alone bloging about it. The weather has been swinging back and forth between lovely slightly cool autumnal weather and back […]

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With the abnormal weather patterns this year its become hard to come to terms with where exactly we are supposed to be in the gardening calendar. However, the shortening of the days and the stiffer breezes from the North are clearly telling me Summer is on her way out. It helps that the squash are […]

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Hope Springs Eternal.

Dear Readers- would you look at this forecast!?!?! SIX! days of rain in the next 10. And potentially substantial, soaking, meaningful rainfall too! I’ll admit that my attention to the garden in the past two weeks has been limited to cutting back the flowering Indiangrass, watering a few newly transplanted items, and harvesting whatever is […]

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Well, it is official. We are officially in drought status (that’s us near Eau Claire). The impact is showing up all over the area. A Sugar Maple the next town over is in full, red, autumn color. My Monarda has gone over, as have the Echinacea- both are looking much, much worse for the wear, […]

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Holy crap you guys. It is hot and it is dry and every single living thing outside looks sad, wilty, bedraggled, and completely over it. I’m inclined to agree with the trees. But the peppers and cucumbers are loving it and I am therefore drowning in both. The melons appear no worse for the wear […]

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Bonsai Love.

This past weekend we went up to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minneapolis with family. The place is really lovely and free (though donations are appreciated) and such a great place to go with kids and get your steps in. Which we did. BUT. The best part are the bonsai trees. I’m just […]

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Oh grasses, when you are good- you are so very good! But when you are bad? You are HORRID. Case in point: Good! Beautiful Little Bluestem mixed in with that ‘Arcado Pink’ Hyssop. What isn’t to love? Good: Look how lovely these Big and Little Bluestem play with the willow (not-so Dwarf Arctic Blue) and […]

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Veg Garden Update

Well, it is officially August which my wee brain can’t quite comprehend. Tonight there is rain, much needed rain, so I have the night off from weeding and grass remediation (post to follow). I figured you all might be getting tired of the Dry Garden overhaul so I’ll pivot over to the Veg Garden. So […]

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Minor Update!

You will all notice a big change to the overall look of the blog, I’m trying out something new in the hopes that it will be more visual and simple to navigate & read. However!!! I’m 100% open to feedback, if you dear readers aren’t liking it or finding it hard to navigate, PLEASE let […]

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Dry Garden Do Over.

Bear with  me, this one might be a bit wordy and it will most certainly wind up as a reoccurring subject. The Dry Garden was the first space (other than the Veg garden) that we planned and installed. Its 3 years old this summer and, while it is doing well (mostly), I’m not sure the […]

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Weeds, weeds, weeds.

The good news is that we finally got some cooler weather paired with more rain. The good soaking in kind. The bad news is (as ever) that the weeds are as thrilled with the conditions as the ‘real’ plants are. The crabgrass is. A. Nightmare. All the other weeds are manageable, but holy crapstacks. WHERE […]

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Rain, Helenium & Hollyhocks

RAIN! We finally got rain!!! Rumor has it more will continue to fall through the weekend- and I couldn’t be happier about it. It has been hot and dry here, and even my most stalwart of plants are looking wilty and peaked. I’ve been doing more hand-watering than usual and even that feels like not […]

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July Begins.

Honestly. Only July!?! May was so hot that my mind is convinced that it is somehow already August. Alas, there are a further 2 months of these hot, humid, bug-filled days. Please remind me of this come winter when I’m longing for summer. Tis not all its cracked up to be… but the flowers and […]

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Sweet Relief!

We are about to venture a wee bit South for a bit to visit family, swim in the lake, and enjoy not having much of anything else to do. I’ve been much better this year about actually taking vacation time, and I must say, it is all its cracked up to be! The garden has […]

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Hack Job.

They call them rejuvination prunings, but there is absolutely nothing rejuvinating (to me) about what I just did to our largest and oldest hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Tardiva’). She came with the house and is at least 20 years old. She is massive and blooms profusely. She’s given us 4 babies from accidental layering and I […]

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Stifling Summer Weather.

We’ve had a recent onslaught of guests and events and some genuinely uncomfortable weather (95F, 80+% humidity- AWFUL), the garden has generally been admired from the windows of the air conditioned house for the past week or so. The guests have gone and the weather has abated a bit so I ventured back out to […]

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Other Bugs.

Confession: Before Master Gardener training I was, despite being a Biologist by trade, firmly on the squeamish side regarding anything bug related. I mean, butterflies and ladybugs were A-OK, but anything else? Gross. I can’t say that I’m an entomologist or even bug lover now, but I’m not ‘afraid’ of them, more curious than anything. […]

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