Of Loss and Love.

It’s been a bit of an off week here. Our bebe cat Frodo got injured/sick on Sunday and that kicked off a week of worry, trips to the vet, coddling, more worrying, and ultimately a heartbreaking goodbye. Everyone in the house, from human to cat to dog is feeling the loss and adjusting to the… Continue reading Of Loss and Love.

Lost & Found Apples.

I have a soft spot for heritage and lost (and obscure) apples. I also find the stories of these long-forgotten plants and varieties to be impossibly romantic. The folks who seek them out, scour the history books, and put name to apple are poet-pirates, hunting valleys and ancient maps to find trees planted so many… Continue reading Lost & Found Apples.

Installing the Hedgerow.

This past Saturday a package arrived on the doorstep. It was the 27 bare root shrubs I ordered back in December!?!? I knew they were coming, but somehow lost sight of when. I was thankful they at least had the decency to show up on a weekend (with halfway decent weather to boot)! The first… Continue reading Installing the Hedgerow.

My Best Gardening Tips and Tricks.

Alright Team, time to talk little logistics that make a big difference in the garden. I’m talking about the seemingly insignificant or weird stuff that you need to know to ensure Zen-like energy through the growing season. Ready? 1. Don’t use Sharpies on your plant labels unless they are made of wood. Use pencil or… Continue reading My Best Gardening Tips and Tricks.


A few weeks ago (mid-March) we took advantage of the drier conditions and perfect winds to burn a few sections of our prairie. Its something we'd been planning for and looking forward to since last fall. We knew, once we decided we wanted areas of tall-grass on our property, that we'd have to manage it… Continue reading Burning.

Growing Vegetables in the Midwest.

I shall proffer, firstly, my definition of the Midwest for this post's purposes: Wisconsin, Minnesota, both Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, northern Illinois, and... bear with me... Montana, Wyoming, and northern Colorado. Now, if you'll indulge this tangent, I'd never consider (as a lifelong Midwesterner) anything west of the Missouri River to be the Midwest. But as… Continue reading Growing Vegetables in the Midwest.

Not so fast!

Oh Mother Nature, you sneaky fiend! I'm not sure how to interpret this latest bit of tomfoolery- it feels rather spiteful what with everything else going on in the world. Then again, maybe it is just a distraction to give our minds something else to fret over for a day or two. Who knows, but… Continue reading Not so fast!

Quarantine Content

I'm sure most of the world is scraping the bottom of their usual well of content, so I thought I'd toss out some of my favorite content in case it is something that will help y'all pass the time. Sharing is caring! Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com THINGS TO WATCH:A Year at Kew (YouTube)-… Continue reading Quarantine Content

Seed Hoarders?

As I live and breathe... I just popped over to Baker Creek Seeds and found 75% (maybe more?) of their stock out. Seed Savers Exchange isn't even taking new orders because demand has been so high. My UK supplier isn't taking orders either. I had heard that people were hoarding seeds, but I didn't really… Continue reading Seed Hoarders?

And so it begins.

I'll happily leave this post mostly free from text. The few crocuses we have are starting to bloom, this white one is the first of the year and its presence is more appreciated than it will ever know. Next in line. A visitor, as happy about the sunshine as we are. I've got a few… Continue reading And so it begins.


Oh man you guys. I've written a half dozen blog posts that couldn't bear to publish. Some are anxious, some annoyed, some blithely defiant. None of them felt right and all of them went in the bin. Turns out I don't know what to say or how to say what I'm thinking about all this… Continue reading Forward.


I'll keep this brief as we are, given the considerably damp weather and forecast, undertaking a not-small home reno project in the hours after work (I'm "essential", so no shelter in place or WFH for me during the work week) so time is short for things like writing! I've got a handful of coworkers that… Continue reading Recommendations.


Not the blog! Just daily life. I'm so thankful that Spring is in progress here, for the mental relief and physical tasks that working outside provides is exactly the balm and reset I have needed. I'm sure some of you know that I work in a hospital laboratory. We are not on the front lines… Continue reading Refocusing.

Rusty Hawthorn.

About 3 years ago, when we first started the main garden space and had the limestone slabs put in, we planted a Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn in the center of it. It was the perfect combination of size and features and I was sure, after much research, that it would be perfect for this space. I… Continue reading Rusty Hawthorn.


There is a particular brand of joy that is unique to the truly Northern segments of this great country (no, Washington, you don't count). It doesn't take much to stir the beginnings of this unique subset of joy... you feel it coming on (a bit like when you know you've started to blush) when the… Continue reading Elation!

Sunny San Diego

Last week I was shuttled off to San Diego for work. It was a breakneck pace, but we did have one half day to explore and there were many sunset dinners at very posh restaurants. But the best part was all the green and sunshine! Oh, and the blooms! I'll put up another post shortly… Continue reading Sunny San Diego


I often wonder what other goes through other gardener's minds when they read or watch Garden Trends reports. There are a shocking number of posts like these, from Extensions to the RHS to blogs to magazines and companies looking to sell something new. They range from ideologies to specific plants, from space use to products.… Continue reading Trendy?

The Great Greens Experiment of 2020. Part 1

I believe I mentioned this experiment in my seed selections & Veg garden plans post earlier this year... My ongoing attempt to find greens that I can grow in my conditions, the most notable change to how I tend to do things is that I’m growing said greens in both the Potager and the Veg… Continue reading The Great Greens Experiment of 2020. Part 1

Could it be???

Folks! There is bare ground at our house! Witness: Yes, yes, yes. I know there is still a goodly amount of snow and that what has been exposed is untidy and a bit grody looking, but this is PROGRESS! The week ahead has highs in the mid 40F range so I expect to have very… Continue reading Could it be???

The Problem with the Patio.

When we first moved in to this house there was a rotting deck in the front of the house that we promptly demolished (see below). We didn't like how small the deck was and how confined it felt, not to mention the views from both the house and the deck (when seated) were lackluster at… Continue reading The Problem with the Patio.