Crisp and Cold.

Its been chilly and crisp here, no new snow but loads of heavy frost. Not in our yard (sadly) but around town. Its left the conifers looking flocked and somehow makes barbed wire and weeds stunningly beautiful. The Liatris stalks and seed heads look a lot like cattails when they are wind whipped and then […]

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Let’s Talk: Cucumbers

The humble cucumber. Never a sexy veg, but summer certainly seems not-quite-right without them. We only ever use them fresh. I don’t can or pickle them, and I’ve not figured out another way to preserve them through winter. With all that in mind, we usually grow 2-3 plants (that and they take up a good […]

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Garden(ing) as a Stress Reliever.

Everyone knows that getting your hands dirty and getting stuck into a bit of gardening is a fantastic stress reducer (unless Quack Grass is involved, then it is a stress inducer!). I often find myself lingering in the garden and purposefully taking on lengthy or putzy tasks when I’m stressed out by work or something […]

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Let’s Talk: Tomatoes

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving smorgasboard everyone! I, for one, am still full and have a whole tray of turkey leftovers waiting for me. Oy! The Christmas tree is up and the house is now fully Holiday-ized. The first of the seed catalogs arrived shortly before Thanksgiving (High Mowing Organics), so I figured I’d better […]

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Let’s Talk: Veggies. A series.

Back when I asked you all about winter-time blog topics, I got a great suggestion from reader MyBackyardGarden4b. The comment was:“I’m struggling to find varieties of vegetables that are suitable for a home garden, i.e., flavourful and abundant. I’d love to hear which seeds you buy, what their results are, if you’d buy them again, […]

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Winter Content.

Dear readers, as I’m sitting at my desk looking out at a very frosty view, I found myself stymied about what to write when there is nothing going on in the garden. Sure, there will be seed catalogs and some planning to come and eventually some seed starting adventures, but those won’t be weekly posts […]

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Veg In Review: 2018 Season

Though there are still a few carrots and rutabaga in the dirt, I think its fair to say the growing season is over for most of us. That means its time to make heads or tails of it all and make notes for next year. Let’s get to it! What Worked: The peppers had an […]

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Good Reads.

We are on the precipice of winter here in Wisconsin. The days are already short with scant glimpses of sunshine and biting winds. Snow is in the forecast and the temperatures are in steady decline. The only consolation, going forward, is the restorative properties of a roaring fire, good red wine, and even better reading […]

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I’m always of two minds come November. Half of me is dreading the short, sunless days and impending freeze (and the snow that comes with it), the other half is excited for the slow roll into the Holidays and the respite from work in the garden that lets me think and plan for the garden. […]

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A few more for good measure.

Oh readers, I’ve done a thing. I planted out all the bulbs I ordered, finishing with about 100 daffodils. It felt so good! For like, 15 minutes. Then, I found myself standing out in the yard, bulb planter in one hand, the other hand on my hip, and an empty tray at my feet. I […]

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The Hazards of Tender Plants.

Oh, you see, I’m a pragmatic sort at heart. Logical, practical, reasonable- sometimes to a fault. But, when it comes to certain plants, all that can go straight out the window. Its why we have a banana plant. Its why there is a bougainvillea in the dining room. Its why there are designated tables for […]

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Santa Fe.

Hello! We’ve just returned from a relaxing break to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Though we expected warmer temperatures (60-70F) we got clouds and 40F. But, it was still a lovely change of scenery and a relaxing getaway. I’m back at it here. Finishing up the bulb planting and cleaning out the greenhouse. There will be […]

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Winter Creeper.

This was going to be a post about Frost. The season’s first finally moved in on Friday night and we awoke to a mild, but pretty frost. However, Sunday morning rolled around and- much to our shock- so did the first snow of the year. It’s so far only stuck to plants and trees. But […]

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A Royal Wedding Inspiration.

The last of the garden spaces to be completed is sitting out at the south end of the garden. A narrow East-West strip of grass with a significant North-South swale along its Western edge. It is bordered by hedges on its North and South sides. It has a rickety, homemade wattle fence along its West […]

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This won’t be a long post, but I had to share: There was sunshine today! It did not rain! It was not windy! I ACTUALLY GOT TO GET OUT INTO THE GARDEN TO DO STUFF!!!! I planted all of the tulip bulbs, stuck a few items into the Nursery Bed, did a spot of bulb […]

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Tidy Up.

Oh, the Fall Clean Up. Most years I’d be the better part of done with the end-of-season tidying tasks by now. I hate leaving it all to the bitter (both literal and figurative) end- it gives me low-level anxiety and the To Do List is always buzzing through the back of my mind. As it […]

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Bulbs Ahoy!

My Brent & Becky’s order arrived late last week- exactly at the beginning of a mildly-frustrating combination of continuous rain and a weekend away. So, on the dining room table they’ve sat. A silent reminder that I’m way, way behind on my fall tasks in no small part to the blasted weather. The bulbs arrived […]

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