Monty Don’s American Gardens

I was oh so happy to start watching Monty Don's three-part series on American Gardens (BBC, but also on YouTube I hear) during my shoulder surgery convalescence (it has taken me quite a long time to type this with one hand!). It was utterly delightful to see the breadth and depth and uniqueness of so… Continue reading Monty Don’s American Gardens

Green With Envy.

I've made this post before. I will likely make it again about this time next year. My blog roll and Instagram feeds are full of blooming Snowdrops, Iris ritculata, Crocuses, and Narcissus. There are people digging over and preparing their allotments. There are people actually gardening and I'm positively ripe with envy. Damn those Brits… Continue reading Green With Envy.

The Gardens of The Grand.

My lovely Mom and I went on a weekend getaway to The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan back in September 2019. It had been something she had long wanted to do, and the timing was finally right. It was a glorious late-summer-early-fall weekend, thought the trees hadn't started changing, the air was a bit… Continue reading The Gardens of The Grand.

Bulbs for 2020.

This year's bulb order from the esteemed Brent & Becky's was a small one. Camassias, Trout Lilies, and more Daffodils. Specifically Camassia 'Blue Danube' which prefers slightly less constantly damp soil than traditional Camassias. I've put in in the East side of the Main Garden to pair with the intense purples and stark whites we… Continue reading Bulbs for 2020.

Great Expectations.

I'm sure by now you've all figured out that I'm a fan of podcasts- particularly gardening ones. They are the ideal medium for my work and I manage to learn things while I screen cases. Just before the New Year I found "Roots, Wings, and Other Things" featuring Master Beekeeper Jez Rose and Chelsea Award… Continue reading Great Expectations.

Winter Walks

When nice winter days arrive (we're talking anything above 32F, plus or minus sunshine or alternately super sunny and bitingly cold) I do like to hop out into the garden and do a bit of a walkabout. Its good to check in on the shrubs and hedges to look for any early signs of rodent… Continue reading Winter Walks

Year End Favorites

As 2019 draws down, I thought it might be a good exercise to think about the past year and what has stood out as great, enjoyable, unexpected, and/or soothing. What was great in 2019 This Podcast Will Kill You- a delightfully quirky podcast full of science about pathogens and their history that I can't stop… Continue reading Year End Favorites

2020 Veg Garden

Since my seed orders have already arrived and I'm proving to have a sliver of self-control, foregoing any of the temptations in the newly arrived catalogs, I thought I might as well get the veg garden plan in place before I become the One Armed Bandit. (BTW, I get to have shoulder surgery shortly and… Continue reading 2020 Veg Garden

The Cold December Rain

Guns 'n Roses might have gotten it wrong because we've been getting rain here in Northern Wisconsin. In late December. It is so strange and so atypical. Heck, Christmas Day was warmer than both Halloween and Thanksgiving! I'm unsure how this new winter-time meteorological event will impact the garden. The existing snow is melting and… Continue reading The Cold December Rain

Site Update

Hiya! Obviously if you are reading this on anything other than a third-party blog reader you'll have already noticed the site update. Nothing functional has changed, just that the menu up top is easier to see/navigate and hopefully the site is, overall, easier to read. Please let me know if you encounter any issues and… Continue reading Site Update

Tomato Fight.

I was pottering around Facebook Sunday morning and, as I follow Modern Farmermagazine, saw this salacious posting: "'Cherokee Purple' and 'Brandywine' will always be among the best heirloom tomato varieties, but what else is out there? Michael Pollan and other experts share their favorite heirloom tomatoes." Is that right? Cherokee Purple and Brandywine? Always among… Continue reading Tomato Fight.

Seminars & Shows

I'm always excited when the schedules for garden seminars come out. There are precious few in our area and I do so very much want to go to them- to engage with like-minded folks, to learn new things, to expand my vision of what gardens are and can be. But some years I find myself… Continue reading Seminars & Shows

Advice for New Gardeners

Any time you start a new job or meet new people, you inevitable get asked what you are interested in outside of work. So you start talking about gardening and someone asks you a question and you come back with a semi-nerdy and probably-too-thorough answer and it comes out that you are a Master Gardener.… Continue reading Advice for New Gardeners

Seeds and Plans: 2020

Can we just pause for a minute and sit in awe and disbelief that we are at the end of another decade and leaping into the most futuristic sounding year? Twenty-twenty. The years of my youth are now firmly in the past (strangely, the 90's were not 8 years ago like I continue to believe… Continue reading Seeds and Plans: 2020

Winter Bloom

I often wonder why I suffer through 7-ish months of coddling tender plants that don't give me fruit. The constant watering, mealy bugs, spider mites. Stinky fish emulsion and fertilizers. Yes, the citrus & fig get all that too but at least there are oranges at the end. And I'll tell you what, those oranges… Continue reading Winter Bloom

Wins and Losses: 2019 Edition

I always like to do a round up of what did and didn't work after the season is done. Partly because I have a tiny bit of hope that it is useful to someone else, but mostly because if I don't write this stuff down somewhere, it'll be lost to the void. (And because this… Continue reading Wins and Losses: 2019 Edition

Seeds Ahoy!

Much to my delight the seed catalogs have started comingĀ  in hot and heavy. Fedco Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek and High Mowing Organics have already arrived and I'm like a kid in a candy store. The bonus to these catalogs coming before the holidays is that my memory of both this past year's… Continue reading Seeds Ahoy!

2019 Gift Guide

This one will be a bit shorter than last year's (especially considering I did two! Here and Here). I'll confess that there aren't a ton new items that are really tripping my trigger, so I'm sticking to basics that will suit a myriad of gardeners of any level. Onward! Gardener's Supply Galvanized Seed Starting Tray… Continue reading 2019 Gift Guide

Potager Plans

The most recent iteration of the Potager was more successful than the last, but only just barely. That's the good news. The bad news is that the veg portion of it didn't do a thing (other than the chives and green onions) because BUNNIES. And the floral aspect was found to be a bit wanting… Continue reading Potager Plans

Holiday Helpers, 2019 Edition

I don't know about your holiday extravaganzas, but for us celebrations are going to start hot and heavy in a few weeks with Thanksgiving and roll straight on into the New Year. We are lucky enough to be able to host most of the celebrations- which, yes, is a decent amount of work, but it… Continue reading Holiday Helpers, 2019 Edition