Let’s Talk: Onions

Oh onions. You are rewarding to grow, but I’m not always sure if you are worth it. Shallots? Yes, absolutely. Specialty onions like Cippolini? Yes. Bunching/Green Onions? You betcha. Regular old onions? Not so much (in my humble opinion). Regular onions fall into the category of cheap to buy and easy to get, so I […]

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Let’s Talk: Winter Squash

I adore winter squash for two reasons. One: they taste delicious. Two: They keep forever with a minimal amount of prep and zero processing. They take up a lot of room and Time To Maturity: Squash can get a little long in the tooth to mature. You’ll notice in your seed catalogs that many are […]

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Let’s Talk: Radish

Radish is one of the things that is so easy to grow and there are so many fun varieties that I can’t imaging a veg patch without them (that is, unless you hate the taste!). I’ve grown so many types and have rarely had failures. This is an easy and fun place to experiment with […]

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A January Thaw.

You read that right! Melting snow and 40F (plus!) temps in Wisconsin in January. What madness is this? Surely this is a sign of a changing climate- our average high is usually 20ishF and lows around 4F. Consistently cold, sometimes downright bitter. And snowy. Always snowy. Yet here we are, a week into above freezing […]

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Let’s Talk: Beans

Beans are a bit of an adversary for me. Pole beans are so unruly and require big, tall supports. Bush beans only sort of like to grow for me. Dried beans aren’t ever worth the effort. Frozen beans from the grocery stores are pretty damned good and a whole lot less work. But Fava Beans? […]

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Let’s Talk: Peppers

Hot or Sweet- if its warm enough where you live (or you have a greenhouse or cold frame) I can’t help but recommend you try to grow some peppers. The variety alone makes it worth it, but the range of flavors and uses is mind-boggling. There is a pepper for every flavor, every spice level, […]

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Let’s Talk: Peas

I love growing peas! I never cook or preserve any of the peas we grow. We eat them in the garden, fresh off the plant, and it is the best treat in Spring. I will grow Sugar Snap type peas until I can’t garden anymore. Let’s get into what you need to know. Type: Shelling, […]

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Twenty Nineteen.

Can you all believe it? 2019. I’m unsure of how I find myself shocked that its come so quickly, but here we are. First things first, I’d like to thank all of you for reading, for following me, and for your fantastic comments and insight. Y’all are so lovely! Second things second, I’m not a […]

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Let’s Talk: Summer Squash

Oh Summer Squash. It has the dubious distinction of being the one plant every gardener always has way too much of. Heck, I often joke that I don’t need to grow it because I can reliably get some at work or from a neighbor who is looking to offload a chunk of their bounty. But, […]

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Let’s Talk: Corn

This ought to be entertaining for both of us since I’ve not grown corn since we lived in South Dakota 5 years ago. And those were in 5 gallon buckets that needed watering probably twice a day but only got water every other day. Oops. It would be fair to say the yields were sub-optimal. […]

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It is quite a cloudy day here, certainly not the best sort of day to appreciate the Solstice. While it supposed to be the first day of Winter, most (if not all) of us in the Midwest have been well stuck into winter since November. However, the one thing that makes this official start of […]

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Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

I’m going to switch up gears for a bit, lest this blog turn into Veg Seeds Only (TM). In October we took to the skies and headed to Santa Fe for our 10 year anniversary (Yay Us!). As usual, we made a point to stop by the area Botanical Garden. The Santa Fe Botanical Garden […]

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Let’s Talk: Melons

Melons are something I can whole-heartedly recommend you grow- providing you have the space (and there are some varieties designed for small spaces!). Any melon you grow will be more succulent, flavorful, and appreciated than anything you can get at a farm stand or grocery store. I’ll give my one caveat now: If you plant […]

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The Potager: A Centerpiece.

Last year, the potager installation was much more of a priority than actual plant planning for the potager. That explains why this was the view the majority of the year. Oof. More open holes than is strictly helpful or good looking. But hey! At least we finished the install and got it all mulched! And […]

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Let’s Talk: Cabbage

I have a love-hate relationship with cabbage. They take up boatloads of room and don’t always head up. But, when they do (and aren’t riddled with holes from cabbage moth worms), they are a sight to behold and truly delicious. This means my decision on any given year to grow them depends entirely upon space. […]

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