Standing By…

I’ve not posted because I couldn’t bear to post anything else with a photo of snow or laden with complaints about the weather. Frankly, snow and complaints are all we’ve had this week. So, slim pickings… We do appear to be on the brink of a real-deal, long-term warm up so that prospect is lovely. […]

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Forging Ahead.

This is the forecast for the weekend: Ugh. Another 8-12″ of snow? Y’all. I cannot with this. Yes, we live in Wisconsin. No, these Spring snows aren’t abnormal. Yes, I am pouting. No, you can’t tell me to Buck Up. Since Wednesday and today were reasonably nice (for this year, anyway) I decided to go […]

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The Veg Garden

The Veg garden is one space made up of 9 separate beds. There are four 4’x4′ beds that are home to our rhubarb, asparagus, blueberries, and garlic. There are four 6’x12′ beds that hold the bulk of the veg we grow and three of the four rotate yearly (because I try hard to follow rotational […]

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